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Welcome to the official homepage of the German Volunteer Organisation naigahelp.

This website is not up-to-date anymore. Please visit our new adress:         www.naigahelp.org                               



For now, we present here our goals in a short way:

-The 'naigahelp - Organisation für Afrikahilfe' (pronounced: 'nai-ja-help') is an organisation of German students (most of them are going to be Medical doctors), who want to improve the medical standard within the poorer countries on our earth, exspecially in West Africa. Our aims are to build up a network of social care, which should provide medical drugs, operation material and equipment such as echograph machines for health centres in Africa. We are collecting donations in Germany and use them to finance our aid projects. Our main field mission areas are Nigeria and Cameroon.

One of our main aims is to build up a functioning ambulance service for medical emergencies around Buea/Cameroon. We are constantly collecting donations, and planning this big project. As far as we can predict by now, at the end of 2014 we will be ready to start with this emergency service. It will be a charity service for the people in Buea and everybody can use it without any payment. The 24h emergency hotline number will be published around Buea, so that everybody is informed.

If you like to help us with this aim, you are highly welcome to contact us via the contact formular shown at the bottom of this page.

-Within our field work we got to know many other social projects in the area of Buea, Cameroon, like the Wildlife Protection Centre of Limbe, organisations for elderly people and several orphanages. We are stongly interested in providing help for those too, and therefore we offer 'volunteer jobs' for young people, who like to improve the situation in Cameroon themselves. If you like to do something real special, to get a great adventure in the jungle of Central Africa ... and on top of that, to help making the world a bit more equal: Then you are right with working in one of our many projects in English-speaking Cameroon. Since we organize everthing based on personal contacts, you will save a lot of money and get really good asistance while working with us. The duration of your stay could be just a few weeks up to one whole year. If you are interested in a volunteer job or more information in English, just write an E-mail to us or use the contact formular:


-If you are living in our oparational areas in Cameroon or Nigeria, and you are the leader of a hospital or a social aid organisation, we are also interested to get in contact with you. If you know an institution in West African countries like Cameroon and Nigeria, wich would need financial or material support, just ask us via the E-mail adress shown above. Of course we are not able to cooperate with every small hospital, but we really like to do what is possible to help you reaching your goals.  


Best wishes,

your Naigahelp team.

>>>And here you find the contact formular. Just type your eMail adress into the adress line ("eMail"). To send please click on the "Absenden" button. The security question will be asked in German. Alternatively you could also just write an Email directly to us .... We are looking forward to your letter.

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 For more pictures please look at the other (German-speaking) parts of our website, where you will find lots of more scenes around our work in AfPleasePlease contact us asking for more information, to build up health partnerships or to get a volunteer job ...